The Spalding County Commissioners met Monday night at 6 pm in the meeting room of the Courthouse Annex. 


The first order of business at the Spalding County Commissioners meeting was approval of a  proclamation declaring September 27, 2014 East Side Family Community Day. The East Side Community has hosted the “East Side Family Community Day” annually beginning in 1994.  This will be the 20 th anniversary of this event.


The Commissioners approved on second reading an Ordinance amending the Licensing and Regulation Ordinance relating to renewal of alcohol licenses in Spalding County. The amendment will read September 15 th is the renewal date.  The change reinstates the County Managers ability to approve such renewal licenses.


The commissioners approved a resolution authorizing transmittal to Three Rivers Regional Commission of the 2014 Capital Improvements Element and Short Term Work Program and incorporation of these changes into the Spalding County 2025 Comprehensive Plan.  This resolution is for planning purposes only.


The commissioners announced:  the names of persons who had volunteered to serve on the 2014 SPLOST Committee.  They are:  Barron Cumming, Donald Hawbaker, Kelley Henderson, Vickie Hennessy, Beth Horne, Chelsea Jacobs, Michelle Knight, Dr. LaTanya McCloud Barkley, Joseph R. Martin, and Tim Peeples. Their task is to inform the community about the SPLOST items that will be on the ballot in November. 


Also approved was a request from the Bethlehem Elementary PTO, 1000 Academic Parkway, Locust Grove, GA for an outside amplification permit for their 2014 Celebrity Golf Tournament to be held at the Sun City Golf and Country Club, 1390 Jordan Hill Road on October 8th from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Outside Amplification Permit requests over 5 hours in duration must be approved by the Commissioners.

A request from Henry Warren for an Outside Amplification Permit for a horse riding event at 680 S. McDonough Road on Saturday, September 27th  from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Was approved.  


The adoption of the 2014 Spalding County Tax Levy was approved.  After meeting all requirements necessary for a levying authority and holding proper Public Hearings, staff has prepared the final Tax Digest for adoption which is based off of a 16.01 Millage rate.  The levy as presented breaks down the utilization of the 16.01 millage rate. After adoption, Sylvia Hollums, Tax Commissioner, will have the Digest certified by the Department of Revenue. Property Taxes for 2014 will be due on December 20, 2014.  


The Commissioners Appointed: Eddie Goss to the Spalding County Personnel Appeals Board to fill the unexpired term of Lisa Waller to expire December 31, 2016.


Approved:   an agreement with CellTower Solutions to assist the Tax Assessors office in discovery of cellular towers and cellular equipment located at wireless telecommunications facilities within Spalding County.  It is anticipated that audits of cell tower locations will result in increase valuations of personal property; therefore, an increase in taxes levied and collected based upon their experiences in other Counties in Georgia.  Maximum fees for this service is $79,500. This was a budgeted expenditure in the FY 2015 budget.  If the audit does not generate enough new taxes collected to pay for the $79,500 audit CellTower Solutions will be paid 75 percent of the collected amount instead of the $79,500.


Approved a contract for an Instructor to provide required GDOC courses to inmates at the Spalding County Correctional Institution as recommended by Warden Sikes. Sherrie Gooder, the Instructor at the CI has resigned effective the end of August to move to Iowa.  The CI has tentatively secured the services of a new instructor, Mr. Darrel C. Reid who is highly qualified and approved by the Department of Corrections and can begin teaching in October. The fees for services for Mr. Reed will be a total annual expenditure of $14,400 is budgeted in the FY 2015 budget.


The Commissioners approved on first reading an amendment to the Code of Spalding County,  relative to Motor Vehicles and traffic Speed Limits in Subdivisions, by adding additional subdivisions to the ordinance. While reviewing speed limit requests it was discovered that several subdivisions were left off the original listing for a speed limit of 25 MPH when the ordinance was originally adopted in 2008.

Approved on first reading an amendment to the Code of Spalding County Laws of Local Motor Vehicles and Traffic. This amendment will Align the County Ordinance with State Law regarding a person between the ages of 15 and 16 operating a MOTORIZED CART.  Any person over the age of fifteen (15) years, but not yet sixteen (16) may operate a motorized cart over the recreation paths or streets in those areas in which such operation is permitted, if the operator has a valid instructional permit within their possession, the operator must be accompanied by a person over the age of twenty-one (21) years who holds a valid driver’s license; is not impaired from operating said motorized cart and is seated in the front seat of the motorized cart.


The Commissioners approved the renewal of the County Manager’s employment contract for the 2015 Calendar Year. All terms and conditions remain unchanged as provided for in existing employment agreement. No increase in salary or benefits.


Commissioner Flowers-Taylor expressed her concerns to the Board about the Griffin Housing Authority Partnership, Land Bank ownership of homes in need of demolition and the aesthetic additions requested to be included in the minimum housing code. She likes the way the Griffin Housing Authority is addressing problems in the city and would like those solutions to extend in partnership into the county. She has a problem with the Land Bank owned homes in the county. They are in need of repair and maintenance and need to be boarded up. The Land Bank should be subject to the same rules as other county homeowners. She said they have at least 50 properties that are dumps. She also thinks the county should have a minimum yard standard code like the minimum housing standard. She also said the county has all kinds of items on front porches. Some individuals use their front porch like a closet.


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