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Friday morning two school buses from the Griffin Spalding School system were taking a group of Cowan Road students to Atlanta for a field trip. The Buses were on highway 41-19 in Clayton County and the back bus was apparently too close to the lead bus and struck the rear of the lead bus.  The accident resulted in a headlight being knocked out on the second bus.   Dr. Curtis Jones Superintendent of the Griffin Spalding School System, was advised of the accident and immediately took school officials to the scene along with school nurses as some of the children had complaints of minor injuries.   Upon investigation by the Clayton County Police, and EMT personnel no injuries were found. One parent picked up their child as a precaution and took the child to their local doctor. Two additional buses were sent to the scene and carried the students into Atlanta for their field trip. Again Dr. Jones said there were there was no injuries from the incident, and he thanked the Clayton County Police and EMT personnel for their assistance in the incident. Dr. Jones told WKEU’s Bill Taylor that the safety of our children remains our first mission, and we are all are dedicated to this effort. Dr. Jones also thanked the School Nurses for their assistance at the scene and dedication to our children every day.

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