Spalding County 4-H Awards from Northwest 4-H District Project Achievement



Six Hundred Seventy Five 4-H members from 36 counties in northwest Georgia competed against each other at Rock Eagle 4H Center during District Project Achievement. This was the culmination of project work done during the last 12 months. 4-H members gave oral presentations and completed project portfolios for this competition. Spalding County took 34 participants. Carrianna Simmons, 2014-2015 Senior District Board Officer served in a leadership capacity during the weekend. Isabel Rutledge was a candidate for Northwest District Senior Board of Directors which she won and will serve on this board for the 2015-2016 school year. Eight 4-H members won the opportunity to compete, in their project areas, on the State level during 4-H State Congress in July: Dani Gibson, Isabel Rutledge, Hannah Rutledge, Tyler Gibson, Elizabeth Evans, Abigail Rutledge, Nathaniel Haulk, and Annabeth Branton.

Those placing in project competition are as follows.

1st place winners:

Name                                                 Project

Isabel Rutledge                                Companion Animal

Hannah Rutledge                            Food Safety & Preservation

Dani Gibson                                     Veterinary Science

Tyler Gibson                                    Outdoor Recreation

Elizabeth Evans                               Health 

2nd place winners:

Abigail Noulis                                   History

Nathanial Haulk                               Physical, Biological, Earth Science

Addy Burrow                                     Target Sports

Will Alexander                                  Science of Engineering & Mechanics

Gabriel Whitlock                               Plant and Soil Science

Anna Mayo                                       Environmental Science

Emily Resmondo                             General Recreation

3rd place winners:

Jessie Bohler                                    Performing Arts Vocal

Jenna Mae Paz                                Sports

Korre Trimble                                    Cat Care

Rebecca Haulk                                Crafts

Emily Ruiz                                         Veterinary Science

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