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Possible Scam in the area affecting local hardware establishments

The Griffin Police Department has received a report of a small sized U-Haul truck being used in connection with a scam involving stolen credit card information.  This is also related to another incident reported in Jackson, involving the same suspects and U-Haul.  An unknown caller claiming to be a doctor in California calls ahead to pay for materials for a nearby rental property, and then claims their workers will come pick them up in the U-Haul.  The materials are picked up and then it is determined that the credit card information was not authorized.  If you are aware of this type of issue occurring at your business or encounter it, make sure to confirm the card being used is given by its owner and ask to see the card and/or ID upon arrival.  Contact Investigator Stacy Beckom of the Griffin Police Department at 770-229-6450 Ext. 672, should you have any information on this or related incidents.

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