At the May 9th City Commissioners meeting:
The commissioners:
Approved:   a Joint Proclamation with Spalding County honoring the 2016 Exchange Club Man of the Year, John P. Yates. This is an annual honorary title bestowed by the Exchange Club of Griffin.  John P. Yates, is a native son of Griffin, decorated World War II veteran and respected local legislator. 
Approved:   a Joint Proclamation with Spalding County honoring the Griffin Utility Club. 
This Proclamation honors The Griffin Utility Club on its storied history over the past decades, encouraging the citizenry of both Griffin and Spalding County to reflect on the club’s legacy as they dissolve after ninety years of service.
Mrs. Elaine Bolton and several other Griffin Utility Club members were present to accept the Proclamation on behalf of the Club.
Approved:   a Proclamation declaring May 28, 2017 to be “Sammy Lee Davis Day.” Sammy Lee Davis, Vietnam War hero and recipient of the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts and the nation’s highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, will be the featured guest speaker and participant in the City’s Memorial Day events.  This Proclamation will declare May 28, 2017 to be “Sammy Lee Davis Day.”  John Carlisle accepted the Proclamation on behalf of the Honor Our KIA Committee.
The commissioners:. Recognized:   Angela Thompson, Budget Analyst, with the Accounting Department, as the April 2017 “Strongest Link” award recipient. The “Strongest Link” Award is given monthly to a deserving employee who has demonstrated excellent performance and productivity, loyalty, professional pride, and other noteworthy accomplishments.  The recognized employee receives one day off with pay, a gift certificate from a local restaurant, a “Strongest Link” plaque, and the symbolic “chain”, which he will be the custodian of until a subsequent employee is recognized.
Angela Thompson is an outstanding team member of the City of Griffin who shows and demonstrates a positive attitude toward her work responsibilities, colleagues, and leaders. During the past month Angela assisted Central Services Director Phil Francis on a project by staying late and working several weekends in order to meet deadlines. Angela succeeded in delivering final budget numbers to the City Manager two weeks earlier than in prior years.  Angela’s attention to detail, analytical thought, strategic and forward thinking, demonstrates her commitment to quality in carrying out her job responsibilities.
The commissioners:
Approved:  a request for a variance to exceed the total building signage square footage and to
exceed the building height as specified in the Unified Development Code(UDC) for property
located at 1424 N. Expressway.
  After review, the planning staff found that a hardship may exist as defined by the UDC due to its position in the shopping center and its setback from the road (approximately 450 feet) and other entry points. Furthermore, the mature trees will also limit visibility between the road/parking lot of the storefront.  
ROSS’ design for the parapet that supports the signage closely resembles the large format retail space design criteria outlined in  the UDC.  
Approval from the Board of Commissioners was consistent with past sign variances along the Highway 19/41 north corridor (i.e., Longhorns).
ROSS will employee 64 full time and 60 part time employees.
The commissioners:
Approved:   on first reading, an ordinance amending the Code of Griffin, GA at Chapter 14,
Animals, by deleting it in its entirety and enacting a new Chapter 14. 
This ordinance has not been revised since 2004 and needs to be updated to include changes to state law regarding the classification of dangerous and vicious animals.  Staff is also recommending a “no tethering” provision, as well as a $25.00 surrender fee for animals voluntarily surrendered to animal control.  There is also a section regarding registration of animals within the City that Staff is asking to remove so as not to create unnecessary administrative responsibilities.
Approved:   on second reading an Ordinance amending the Code of Griffin, GA at Chapter 42,
Environment, by enacting a new Article V. Noise Control.  
Purpose and Intent. This article is enacted to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Griffin, Georgia, through the control of noise, a recognized form of environmental pollution. It is the intent of this article to establish objective standards that will reduce excessive community noises, which are harmful and otherwise detrimental to individuals and to the community in the enjoyment of life and property and in the conduct of business. It is not the intent of this article to regulate noise based upon its source, but based upon objective volume limitations at objective distances from the source, which for purposes of this article intentionally vary based upon the time of day and reasonable expectations of persons occupying the area during the relevant time period. It is not the intent of this article to regulate speech, under either the Federal or Georgia Constitutions. This article has been narrowly tailored as a content-neutral time, place, and manner regulation to serve a significant governmental interest while  leaving open ample opportunity for communication. 
Approved:  to amend the City Budget for $8,000.00 for the purchase of video software for Municipal Court judges, associate judges, clerks, and deputy clerks. 
 Approved:  renewal of Standard Office Lease between the City of Griffin and Tom Hamilton d/b/a Strategic Dimensions for suites #522 and #523 of One Griffin Center in the amount of $5665.00
per year. 
Approved:   to purchase 2 Flygt grinder pumps from sole source provider, Xylem Water
Solutions in the amount of $22,844.08 for the Water and Wastewater Department. These pumps are needed in the upgrade of Dewey and Dora Lift Station. Price includes necessary appurtenances and freight. 
Approved:   acceptance of a Georgia Department of Transportation Multimodal Safety & Access
Grant (MMSAG) for a sidewalk design and construction project from Milner Avenue to Crescent Road in the amount of $282,100.00 to the City of Griffin. 
The City submitted a grant application through Three Rivers Regional Commission to GDOT for a sidewalk on the east side of GA SR155 from Milner Avenue to Crescent Road. The Grant is a 70% GDOT for $282,100 and 30% City of Griffin match for $120,000 for a total of $403,000.  Griffin’s funding will come from SPLOST 2017.
 Approved:  to deny a claim against the City of Griffin as set forth in a purported Ante Litem
Notice, dated April 26, 2017, from attorney Anitra Price on behalf of her client Tammy Jordan.
As the Commission is well aware, former Police Officer Kevin Jordan was killed in an incident at the Waffle House in Griffin in 2014 while working a private security job. In this latest claim, his widow, Tammy Jordan, alleges the City is liable because the private security company through whom Waffle House contracted was allegedly not properly licensed since 2011 or earlier. She contends that since the City Police Chief approved Officer Jordan and other officers’ off-duty employment with this company, it somehow placed his life in jeopardy. No exact date of occurrence is alleged; however, it clearly appears the applicable statute of limitations expired before notice was given.
OCGA Sec. 36-33-5 requires the giving of a written notice of claim to a municipal corporation within 6 months of the occurrence giving rise to the claim, else a lawsuit for money damages is barred in our State courts. While it appears the notice fails to allege a justifiable claim, it clearly was not timely given.
Approved:   a Resolution determining the necessity for the acquisition of 3 sewer easements for the 2016 CDBG Project, Meriwether (Springhill), Phase I; determining a public use for said easements; establishing an initial offer for acquiring said easements; authorizing the City Manager or his designee to negotiate with land owners; and for other purposes. 
Parcel A-1, owned by the G-S Land Bank Authority, will be donated in its entirety to the City; following installation of the sewer, the City will convey this parcel to the Griffin Housing Authority, subject to a permanent sewer easement. Parcels A-2 & A-3 are currently on septic tanks. Once the sewer is operational, these houses will be connected to sewer and the septic tanks removed.
Funding for this project is provided by the 2016 Community Development Block Grant.
At the end of the regular meeting:
Kenny Smith Griffin City Managers reminded everyone:
.The City pool is opening soon Monday thru Saturday and will be closed on Sundays.
.Walking Dead is filming in downtown Griffin Thursday May 11th.
.Part of North Hill Street will be closed starting  May 17th for A WHILE.
.Memorial Day is coming up May 29th.
.June Jam in downtown Griffin is June 3rd.
.And it was not on the agenda as details were just completed today, but Kenny Smith asked for and got consensus from the City Board of Commissioners to join the County Board of Commissioners in a forthcoming T-Splost for Griffin and Spalding County.
.If approved by the voters this would be a five year Splost with an estimated collection of $14,000,000 to be used for transportation in the City and County.
.The split would be 33.5% for the City and 66.5 % for the County.
.The cost of relocating Highway 155 from downtown Griffin would be split 50/50 between the City and County.