Southern Crescent Technical College Foundation has just completed the 2017-2018 internal fund-raising campaign. Pledges submitted include 65% of full-time faculty and staff participating to donate a grand total of $38,477.73. These contributions are used specifically for student scholarships.  Since FY11, the SCTC faculty and staff have pledged a total of $324,851.29 in the internal campaigns.  Last year alone, SCTC was able to award 146 scholarships to students from the contributions of this campaign.

Southern Crescent Technical College President Alvetta Thomas said, “Thanks to all for a strong campaign. Your hard work and drive made it successful. Please know that I sincerely appreciate all that you do for our students.”

The internal campaign ran from March 8 through April 27, 2017.  SCTC employees were randomly divided into 23 teams with roughly 13 people on each team. The winning team was the Monster Tigers, pledging $3,562.40.  The Monster Tigers team will receive a catered luncheon, a dedicated parking space and a student tuition scholarship named in their team’s honor.

Scholarships are offered each semester and are available to full-time and part-time students in good academic standing (a minimum of a 2.5 GPA) in a certificate, diploma, or degree program of study. Students must demonstrate a need for financial assistance for these scholarships.

-submitted by SCTC