Bobbie Jo Sumner


In Lamar County Superior Court Judge Bill Fears recused himself from presiding over the upcoming trail of Bobbie Jo Sumner. Sumner allegedly ran down Gordon State College student Alexandra Noelle Desir on Rose Avenue in Barnesville and fled the scene 4 years ago..

The judge’s recusal came the morning after Sumner’s attorney Bubba Head filed for the recusal and a change of venue.

Sumner is charged with first degree vehicular homicide, hit and run and four counts of making false statements. Her case has languished in the court system for an extended period of time.

In his motion for a change of venue, Attorney Head cited the ongoing coverage of the case by the media. A hearing on the change of venue has been set July 6 in Butts County Superior Court in Jackson.

District attorney Jonathan Adams said Thursday his office plans to proceed with the trial of Sumner beginning July 24. Judge Tommy Wilson will take over the case. Adams expects it will be tried in Butts County.

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Convicted serial arsonist Travis Ball, suspected of setting multiple arson fires in Lamar and surrounding counties, was convicted of mailing hoax anthax threats from state prison to the State Bar of Georgia, Church of Latter Day Saints and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in April, 2016.


He is also the prime suspect in mailing a hoax anthrax threat to The Barnesville Herald Gazette.

Ball was convicted of three arsons in Upson County and was housed in Coffee State Prison when he mailed the hoax letters.

Ball had admitt4ed the mailings and pleaded guilty in federal court March 7 and was sentenced to two years in prison and three years federally-supervised probation on top of his current term.

Investigators said that Ball mailed the letters using the return address of Upson County sheriff Dan Kilgore.

Special thakns to the Monroe County Shriffs Department.