Lance Kershaw (left) was in court in Lamar County July 20 seeking a reduction in his $75,000 bond. He allegedly concealed a camera in a shower at his home, photographed his granddaughter and hung those nude photos in boys’ bathrooms at the high school. Also pictured are defense attorney Selwin Patterson (center) and assistant district attorney Mark Daniel (right). (Photo: Walter Geiger)

A reduction in bond was denied on July 20 for a Barnesville man accused of placing nude photos of his granddaughter in boys’ bathrooms at Lamar County High School last October.

Lance Kershaw, age 60, of 1041 Hwy. 41 South appeared before Judge Bill Fears seeking a reduction in his bond which was previously set at $75,000.

Kershaw is charged with first degree cruelty to children, two counts invasion of privacy, criminal trespass, disrupting a public school and criminal attempt to commit a felony.

According to testimony at the hearing, Kershaw concealed a camera in a shower at his home to gather nude photos of his granddaughter. After some sort of conflict with the girl, Kershaw allegedly went to the high school on Oct. 17, 2016, entering at about 6:30 a.m.

He allegedly posted printouts of the nude photos in restrooms using zip ties. At the time, sheriff Brad White said Kershaw was spotted by a janitor and sent to the office but passed himself off as an employee of an outside company working on maintenance at the school.

Several male students, removed the photos and took them to the office. A review of surveillance video led to Kershaw’s arrest, according to Sheriff White.

At the hearing  earlier, attorney Selwin Patterson argued for a bond reduction, noting Kershaw was not a flight risk. Kershaw testified he had a home here, operated a local business and his wife wanted him back in the home. He said he could also live in a motel or camp out.

The prosecution countered that the wife had contacted Kershaw only for certain passwords she needed. The wife did not appear in court and Kershaw expressed surprise that she was
not there.

Sgt. Stephanie Melton testified Kershaw had been ordered not to contact the granddaughter but was somehow getting letters to her despite jail personnel monitoring his mail.

That testimony seemed to make up Judge Fears’ mind and he denied the bond reduction motion. Kershaw went back to the Lamar jail in chains.

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