On 07/28/2017, City of Griffin Police Officer Mathew Boynton was arrested without incident and taken to the Spalding County Jail.  He was charged with one felony count of False Statements and Writings, and one felony count of Violation of Oath of Office.  This arrest was the result of a Griffin Police Department criminal investigation stemming from an incident report filed by his ex-wife Jessica Lester (Boynton), alleging that Mathew Boynton illegally deprived her of some of her personal items.  During the conduct of this exhaustive investigation facts and circumstances ultimately led to the arrest of Mathew Boynton as it was determined that he knowingly provided a false statement relating to the property in question and his possession of same. While his actions were unfortunate and disappointing, tarnishing our badge, the Griffin Police Department remains dedicated to providing the best possible police service to our citizens. Now, and in the future the department will strive to maintain the highest professional and ethical behavior.  In spite of the actions of this individual Chief Yates remains steadfast in his dedication to insuring that the Griffin Police Department will not stand for unethical, illegal or immoral behavior from its’ officers.