On August 1, at approximately 2217 hours Griffin Police to 128 Crystal Brook, to a report of person shot call.

While Griffin PD patrol Officers responded to the scene dispatch advised that a gold in color 4 door truck was transporting a victim to the hospital.

A Griffin patrol officer spotted the truck and was following it to the hospital to make contact with the victims.

Upon arrival on scene there were several subjects standing in the yard of the residence. A gray in SUV was parked on the shoulder of the roadway facing northeast just west of the driveway of 128 Crystal brook, a green in color Honda was parked in the driveway facing south, also a gold in color Chevrolet Malibu was facing west just east of the driveway.

Officers made contact with Ms Erika Jenkins advised officers that she was in the house but heard several shots, upon going outside was informed that a car pulled up to the stop sign and began shooting at the males who were outside in the front yard.

Officers talked with Sidney Hamm who stated that he and several friends were in the front yard of the residence when a car pulled up to the stop sign in the area of Tuscany lane at its intersection with Crystal Brook when he saw several shots being fired from the vehicle, and in their direction. As the vehicle pulled away A.J. Moses, a Spalding High Football Player stated that he had been hit, indicating he had been shot. Mr Hamm continued to state that “AJ” jumped in a truck and was driven to the hospital. The truck was later identified as a gold in color Ford F-150.

Officers also talked with Mr Dequan Driver, who stated that they were in the front yard and someone who was at the intersection began shooting at them. He continued to state that they all ran and was not able to give a description of the vehicle the subjects were in. He continued to state that “A.J.” was shot and was taken to the hospital.

Officers also made contact with Mr Dedrick Tyus who also stated that he was in the area of the other individuals when someone started shooting at them hitting his brother “AJ” before the vehicle fled the scene. He was not able to give a description of the suspects or the vehicle they were driving.

When Dedrick Tyus and Dequan Driver attempted to leave to head to the hospital, Dequan started the Chevrolet Malibu which began leaking a large amount of what appeared to be oil and water. Upon visually inspecting the front of the vehicle I noticed what appeared to be two bullet holes. Mr Tyus was advised to shut the car off and that it could not be driven because it was damaged and is part of the crime scene.

Police began to obtain statements from the subjects involved and began checking the area for any evidence. I proceeded to check several houses in the area for any bullet holes but was unable to locate any.

Several neighbors said that they thought 4-6 shots were fired.

Officers were able to make contact with four juveniles at 126 Crystal Brook who stated that they heard several shots but did not see anything.

The on call Investigator was contacted and responded to the scene.

Officers responded to the hospital where contact was made with Officer Chip Jones who had obtained the victims’ name and dates of birth. While on scene at the hospital Officers were advised that the two victims were being released from the hospital with minor injuries.