It didn’t take long for the jury in the Bobbie Jo Sumner hit and run trial to come back with a guilty verdict Wednesday in Monroe County Superior Court.  Sumner had been accused in the 2013 death of Alexandra Noelle Desir, when she was struck by Sumner’s vehicle in Lamar County.  Closing arguments were presented to the jury late Wednesday afternoon.  After closing, the jury deliberation took less than 45 minutes.  Judge Tommy Wilson sentenced Sumner to 20 years in prison and 15 years probation on the guilty counts of first degree vehicular homicide, hit and run and four counts of making false statements.  Sumner’s attorney had argued that she did not know she struck a human being late that night.  Officials located fibers from Desir’s clothing on the front of Sumner’s Saturn Vue during the investigation.   Desir’s body was said to have been found 70 feet from the point of impact.