Lieutenant General Retired Bill Caldwell President of Georgia Military College (GMC) in Milledgeville

PRESIDENT GMC COLLEGE LTG (R) WILLIAM R. CALDWELL                                                          

has announced that Pike County and Zebulon have been approved for an extension of the GMC campus in Fayetteville. Pike county was selected due to its unique location, community, and welcoming from the City and County Commissioners from the very beginning of negotiations.

Lieutenant General (R) Caldwell will be at the WKEU studios for an interview on Wednesday.

WKEU’s Bill Taylor made the initial contact with


GMC vice president Brigadier General retired Curt Rauhut who was originally from Fayetteville and was well aware of the Pike and Zebulon areas. The work with Taylor and the GMC officials began in 2014. Taylor indicated that GMC officials are extremely excited for the support they received in Pike County and the facility.

Most instrumental for this area acquiring the college was


State Representative Johnnie Caldwell, who has been a huge supporter of GMC over the years and saw the future of the district with the location in Zebulon for GMC.  We talked with State Representative Caldwell who stated this is a huge move for the entire district and beyond.  Caldwell said that GMC is a very unique college, one of only 5 in the entire nation, that was founded in 1879 and they are not only a junior college with 11 campuses, but they are, like the other four in the nation, a prep school for the service academies allowing those young individuals desiring a military career to attend the “corps of cadets” in Milledgeville for two years. Upon graduation students are commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, and then completing the last two years at any service academy they desire. 80 percent of the GMC students are not members of the Military Corps of Cadets and the military programs are only offered in Milledgeville.  Students may attend one of the more than 40 universities or colleges which GMC has articulation agreements.

The Zebulon GMC campus will be in the same complex with the City Offices on South 19, which was a school that was renovated in 2007.  Representatives of GMC visited the location about 3 weeks ago indicating that the facility is one of the best ever for an extension campus. Wiring for computers and all necessary furnishings will be accomplished by GMC and the facility is expected to be ready by the first of the year.


Brigadier General Rock Donahue, Director of the Fayetteville Campus, has indicated that the opening for students will be in early 2018, possibly as early as March.

All Zebulon commissioners and Pike Commissioners have given their total support to GMC and stated they are very proud and excited to have this great academy in Zebulon to serve students in the district. GMC officials said this was one of the main factors in their choosing Zebulon and Pike County for their new extension campus.

The Zebulon Commissioners will be voting on the final approval on Tuesday, August  8th.

Work on the facility is expected to begin in the next few days or weeks.


Gordon State College Public Information Officer Tamara Boatwright has announced that  President Max Burns has announced his plans to retire effective December 31, 2017.

“It has been my great honor to serve as president of Gordon State College,” said Burns. “I have been fortunate to have a dedicated team of colleagues, all of whom have made significant contributions to student success at Gordon State College throughout the course of my term. The support from the Barnesville community is also one of Gordon State’s biggest strengths, and the strong partnership benefits students and the region alike. I’ll always be cheering for Gordon State, which has an incredibly bright future.”

Burns was named president of Gordon State College in January 2012. Prior to being named president, he served as dean of the Mike Cottrell College of Business at the University of North Georgia.

“The success of Gordon State College can be directly attributed to President Burns’ outstanding leadership,” said Chancellor Steve Wrigley. “President Burns’ emphasis on creating learning opportunities and building a campus community that cares about its students has helped Gordon State achieve greater student success. On behalf of the University System, we are grateful to Max for his commitment to Gordon State’s students and the State of Georgia.”

Under Burns’ leadership, Gordon State’s graduation rate has increased by 12 percent and the full-time, first-time freshman student retention rate has increased by 24 percent. The college has also updated its strategic plan, initiated the Gordon State College Presidential Scholars program and added $25 million in new and renovated facilities.

Additionally, since 2012, Gordon State has changed how it supports students, starting with those in need, by increasing the number of scholarships awarded by 81 percent and increasing the dollar value of scholarships awarded by 125 percent. The Gordon State College Foundation endowment has increased by 31 percent.

In regards to academic programs, under Burns’ leadership, the college has experienced significant achievements, including the development of six new baccalaureate degrees focused on high demand professional programs, bringing the total number of baccalaureate programs at Gordon State College to 13. The college has also implemented 13 associate degree programs to meet regional and state workforce needs. Gordon State has received accreditation reaffirmation from SACSCOC through 2027.

Burns holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Georgia State University, a Master of Business Information Systems from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Information regarding the search for Burns’ replacement will be announced at a later date.