Sheriff Darrell Dix reports that on 08-24-17, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division completed an investigation that resulted in two search warrants strategically being executed simultaneously at 3264 Newnan Rd.
The first location, 3264 Newnan Rd. Griffin, Ga. which is a home that is located in the center of the mobile home park and as is also the leasing office for the complex. Upon executing the search warrant agents encountered several individuals and children. As the residence was being cleared, agents found the conditions of the home to be deplorable. Agents removed everyone from the home and immediately contacted the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS). As a result of the search warrant the following individuals were arrested and charged as follows.

Joan Ryder Cruelty to Children


Julia Penny Cruelty to Children and possession of drug related objects.

  Raymond Paul Lott- Sale of Schedule II control substance, Possession of Schedule II with intent to Distribute, possession of a schedule II, Cruelty to children and maintain a disorderly house.
Jordan Lott- Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, Possession of drug related objects and cruelty to children.
  Anthony Wilson- Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce and possession of drug related objects.
 Teshia Lott- Cruelty to Children.
Dalton Lott- Cruelty to Children.
All of the children were turned over to DFCS. Code enforcement has been contacted and the health department will be further investigating the living conditions of the residence and the entire premises.
The second search warrant was executed at 3264 Newnan Rd Griffin, GA Lot#14. As a result of the search warrant the following individual was arrested and charged as follows
Gregory Lamar Austin, Possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, Possession of a schedule III, Possession of a schedule IV, Possession of a schedule II, failure to keep drugs in original container, Possession of a schedule III with intent to distribute, Possession of a schedule IV with intent to distribute, Possession of a schedule II with intent to distribute and tampering with evidence.

The Sheriff’s Office will aggressively investigate all narcotic and drug complaints. Any case involving children will take immediate priority. All resources will be used to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the children in our community.