Sheriff Darrel  Dix of Spalding County has issued a press release stating : “As a follow up to the officer-involved shooting that occurred on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the name of the deputy that was involved in the incident. The deputy is identified as Bryan Head.

Sheriff Dix said that Deputy Head began his career with the Spalding Sheriff’s Office as a detention officer in 2014. He was certified as a peace officer in 2016 and transferred to the Uniform Patrol Division in March 2017. He completed a 12-week Field Training Officer program before being released for duty. Additionally, Deputy Head has received training in crisis intervention and dealing with those of diminished capacity. In 2017, Deputy Head completed de-escalation and use of force training as prescribed by law.

At the request of Sheriff Darrell Dix, agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are conducting the inquiry into the shooting. Deputy Head is currently on administrative leave with pay, which is a standard practice as the investigation continues.



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