The Spalding County Commissioners met Monday night 10-02-17:

During the meeting the Commissioners Approved an Outside Amplification Permit from Union Baptist Church, 1405 North McDonough Road, for their annual Fall Festival to be held on October 31, 2016 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Approved a new 2017 Alcohol License for Retail Sale of Beer and Wine for Toney’s One Stop located at 4275 Hwy 19/41, Hampton, Ga 30228.  All criteria has been met and fees have been paid for the issuance of a new license.

Approved a contract with the Office of the Public Defender for Indigent Defense Services in Spalding County State Court for FY2018 amended to include violation of probation.

Approved of a revised contract agreement between Spalding County and the Griffin-Spalding Board of Education for FY2018 for the use of inmate work details. All contracts require Commissioners approval.

Approved a resolution authorizing declaration of taking for property acquisition for the new airport. The BOC approved a declaration of taking earlier this year for this property but the boundary description has been modified and they need to formally adopt this new declaration and boundary description.

Approved a 1 day permit Oct 25th for Jeffery’s Bottle Shop to serve beer & wine at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Marukan & Vinegar luncheon 623 Rehoboth Road.

County manager William Wilson reported that Orchard Hill and Sunnyside Splost projects have been completed. The Pickle Ball Facility is 100% complete. Splost money collected for the past 17 months is $12,299,780.00.

The last houses in the old Aldora Mill village in Barnesville will soon be a thing of the past.

It is adjacent to the Aldora Mill. In Barnesville near highway 342 bypass.

The old mill was operated by General Tire and now is a division of Continental Tire. The tire cord facility continues to thrive and expansion is on the horizon.

Over the years, much of the village was demolished for expansion. The old sewerage system has now decayed to the point that it will be closed.

Lamar County officials had camera through the sewer system out there and the only things holding it together are roots and baby wipes,” reported former Barnesville mayor Jimmy Matthews who grew up in the village and now serves on the Aldora town council along with Joe Penley and Bruce Akins.

The remaining residents are on notice they have to be out by July 1, 2018. Houses that become vacant before then will not be rented.

Residents who move on or before March 1, 2018 will get $2000 in relocation assistance.

At present, there are indications an entrepreneur will come in and move the existing village homes to another location, refurbish them and rent them out or sell them.

The infrastructure surrounding and beneath the village will be rebuilt and then developers will be invited to build homes within what is envisioned as a gated community with a lot of green space.

“It is going to be nice. Our goal is to make it an asset; make it a showplace the community can be proud of,” Matthews concluded.

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