The Griffin Spalding Airport Authority met  Monday Night October 9 th.
It was the first for new Chairman, Randall Peters, of the seven committees on the Authority none had anything new to report at this time.
Chairman Peters reported there was no GDOT meeting this month and had nothing new to report from the Georgia Department of Transportation.
The Airport Authority is waiting for the approval of the new airport layout plan from the FAA. It should be forthcoming in a few days. This will be the final footprint of the location of the new airport.
A request was forwarded to GDOT for obstruction removals on properties purchased in Phase I and a request to start Phase II.
Land acquisition in Phase I is complete except for 2 parcels in condemnation.
Chairman Peters reported the Court ruled on the condemnation of the MacLendon property at the  the old airport.  In 2014 the property was appraised at $60,000.  The Authority set aside $115,000 in anticipation of an unfavorable ruling. The jury returned a verdict of $432,000.  Our attorney will address this verdict.
The Authority Approved:   Amendment 2 to Task Order 23 and Amendment 2 to Task order 24. These task orders are agreements between the Griffin-Spalding Airport Authority and consultants Michael Baker International, Inc.
Task Order 23 is related to “Land Acquisition Assistance Services” for the new airport. All Phase I parcels are acquired and closed except two in condemnation. The amendment is to have no property inspections on the mobile homes the Authority purchased. They are going to be removed for the airport foot print.
Task Order 24 is related to  “Program Coordination Services” for the new airport. The Amendment is to account for a change in program duration. The first contract was thru purchases and up to condemnations. This amendment is for services thru condemnation. There are two properties in condemnation.
Airport Director Robert Mohl reported there has been no problems with the Spalding County Fair and the Airport.  No one walking across the runway to get to the Fairgrounds.





Registrations for the youth basketball program for ages 4-14 will be held on Saturdays beginning September 30 and ending October 28 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at:
Fairmont Community Center
241 Blanton Avenue
Griffin, Georgia
Registration can also be done on-line at for an additional $3 processing fee.
Registration fee is $65 for the Instruction League ages 4-6 and $90 for the Competitive League ages 7-14. There is an additional $30 fee for out of county residents.
Coach’s applications are available and can be picked up at the SBA office in Fairmont Community Center. All coaches must complete the Application to Coach, Background Check Consent Form, Protect Children Report Abuse, the National Association for Youth Sports (NAYS) Coaches Certification, and the online Concussion Training Program.
Bids for referees, uniforms, and team photos are being accepted. All bids should be submitted in writing by October 28, 2017 to the SBA office located at Fairmont Community Center, 241 Blanton Ave, Griffin, GA 30223.
Members and Volunteers are needed to make this a terrific program. If you are interested in working with the program by planning and carrying out big or small tasks, coaching, volunteering in any way, please contact the SBA office at 770-233-3321.






On October 3, 2017, the State began trying a murder case against two defendants, William Moore and Todd Jones, in front of the Honorable W. Fletcher Sams. Both defendants were charged with Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery, two counts of Aggravated Assault, and Possession of a Knife During the Commission of a Crime. On October 10, 2017, a Spalding County jury returned a verdict of guilty on all 7 counts against both defendants. Judge Sams sentenced the defendants to two sentences of life without the possibility of parole plus 25 years in prison. Moore and Jones will serve the rest of their lives in prison under this sentence.

The State in the case was represented by District Attorney Benjamin D. Coker and Chief Assistant District Attorney Marie Broder. The State tendered 296 exhibits over the 6 day trial. The jury deliberated for over two hours before reaching the guilty verdict, today.

The jury convicted Moore and Jones for brutally murdering Kevin Harmon in a vacant lot of Runaway Lakes subdivision back on February 14, 2011. According to testimony during trial, the victim sustained 58 injuries, 40 to his head and face. Moore and Jones used a knife and baseball bat to kill Harmon. Both defendants were convicted at a previous trial in front of a different judge. A new trial was ordered on July 13, 2017 after legal issues with the first trial became obvious. Moore and Jones were retried over the past several days. Cody Tuggle, another defendant was also convicted at a prior trial. His motion for new trial is pending in front of Judge Sams.

District Attorney Coker said of the verdict, “the retrial of Moore and Jones was a difficult task for my office, and I am proud of the way that they handled it. The Spalding County District Attorney’s Office proved to its community that despite adversity, it would stand strong, press on, and continue to fight against those that insist upon doing evil. We would like to thank law enforcement for their hard work, the citizens that testified, and the jury for what was a difficult trial and verdict. Together, we ensured that justice and good prevailed today. We will continue to fight for justice, every day, in Spalding County and throughout the circuit. Our hearts are with the Harmon family.”


On Tuesday Morning Chastain Burdette a 12-year-old Monroe County  Boy drowned and his older 17 year old brother identified as James Burdette was later rescued after the pair went out on the rocks at High Falls State Park.

Chastain Burdette died just south of Joseph Proctor Bridge in northern Monroe County. Family and friends at the scene embraced each other as his 17-year-old brother James was later pulled from the water as he held onto a rocky area in the fast moving water. The rescue was made by a Georgia State Patrol helicopter. The teen reportedly got stuck at the bottom of the falls.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, GSP Helicopter, Department of Natural Resources, and Bibb County Sheriff’s Department water dive team responded to the scene.

High Falls State Park is a 1,050-acre Georgia state park located near the city of Jackson in Monroe County.

Sgt. Lawson Bittick said that the two youths went below the dam of High Falls and apparently one fell into the fast moving water and the second was swept downstream but later located in the river. Both individuals were from Monroe County.

The Georgia State Patrol Helicopter maneuvered into the area and was able to retrieve the young teen from the river.

As in many areas of the state Monroe County schools are on fall break.

WKEU would like to thank Sheriff John Carey Bittick, and his staff for the Departments assistance in this news story.  The WKEU family prayers go out to the Burdette family.