The Griffin Spalding Airport Authority met  Monday Night October 9 th.
It was the first for new Chairman, Randall Peters, of the seven committees on the Authority none had anything new to report at this time.
Chairman Peters reported there was no GDOT meeting this month and had nothing new to report from the Georgia Department of Transportation.
The Airport Authority is waiting for the approval of the new airport layout plan from the FAA. It should be forthcoming in a few days. This will be the final footprint of the location of the new airport.
A request was forwarded to GDOT for obstruction removals on properties purchased in Phase I and a request to start Phase II.
Land acquisition in Phase I is complete except for 2 parcels in condemnation.
Chairman Peters reported the Court ruled on the condemnation of the MacLendon property at the  the old airport.  In 2014 the property was appraised at $60,000.  The Authority set aside $115,000 in anticipation of an unfavorable ruling. The jury returned a verdict of $432,000.  Our attorney will address this verdict.
The Authority Approved:   Amendment 2 to Task Order 23 and Amendment 2 to Task order 24. These task orders are agreements between the Griffin-Spalding Airport Authority and consultants Michael Baker International, Inc.
Task Order 23 is related to “Land Acquisition Assistance Services” for the new airport. All Phase I parcels are acquired and closed except two in condemnation. The amendment is to have no property inspections on the mobile homes the Authority purchased. They are going to be removed for the airport foot print.
Task Order 24 is related to  “Program Coordination Services” for the new airport. The Amendment is to account for a change in program duration. The first contract was thru purchases and up to condemnations. This amendment is for services thru condemnation. There are two properties in condemnation.
Airport Director Robert Mohl reported there has been no problems with the Spalding County Fair and the Airport.  No one walking across the runway to get to the Fairgrounds.