Preliminary hearings for two Spalding County prisoners that are being held in
relation to a cold case from 1983 has been announced by the Spalding  County
Court.  The Inmates in question are 59-year old Frankie Gebhart and 58-year
old Bill Moore, Sr.  The Court stated that the two will have a preliminary
hearing on November 30 th at 8:00 am. The two were arrested in relation to
the October 9 th, 1983 murder of Timothy Coggins, whose body was found
near Sunny Side near a power line,  evidence from the scene, questioned
suspects and witnesses but were unable to make  arrests in Coggins’ death.


In June of 2017, spurred by information forwarded to the GBI through
various sources all of the information gathered at the time of the original
investigation. Investigators began re-interviewing old witnesses,
conducting interviews with newly discovered witnesses, and gathering new
evidence. Investigators from the GBI and the Spalding County Sheriff’s
Office working in unison also went door to door in their efforts to solve this
crime. In October 2017, Sheriff Darrell Dix announced that 59-year old
Frankie Gebhart and 58-year old Bill Moore, Sr. were both been arrested
for murder, felony murder,  aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and
concealing the death of another.

Also arrested were 58-year old Sandra Bunn for obstruction, Lamar Bunn
for obstruction, and 47-year old Gregory Huffman for violation of oath of
office and obstruction.  Sheriff Dix said that Huffman was a detention officer
and has been terminated.  Bunn has recently been employed by the Milner
Police Department and previously worked for the Lamar County Sheriff’s

Sheriff Dix said recently: “I can say without a doubt that if Mr. Coggins was
murdered today, in 2017, it would absolutely be classified as a hate crime.
34 years have passed since this horrible crime was committed and those
who killed him have believed that they would remain untouched”