On November 8, 2017 at approximately 2004 hours Spalding County Sheriff’s Office C.A.G.E. Unit Investigator Jennifer Fuller called out at the scene a vehicle accident at the intersection of Elm Street and Railroad Ave. As she exited her vehicle a person later identified as


Dustin Joel Stevens (w/m 26yoa) ran from the scene of the accident.

Inv. Fuller chased Stevens on foot and was able to catch him near Peachtree St and Railroad Ave. Once Inv. Fuller caught up to Mr. Stevens, she attempted to gain control of him. Stevens turned and reached for Inv. Fuller’s service weapon. Fuller was able to kick Mr. Stevens away from her and draw her issued Taser and deploy it striking Mr. Stevens on the right side of his body.

As Stevens fell to the ground, he was given verbal commands to place his hands behind his back. Fuller moved in to handcuff him, Stevens began to resist, striking Inv. Fuller in the left side of her face with his fist. In response, Inv. Fuller initiated another 5 second Taser cycle from the Taser and continued verbal commands for the subject to place his hands behind his back. Stevens continued to resist arrest.

Inv. Fuller was finally able to create distance from Stevens and held the Taser to his back, not allowing him to get up until Officer Eric Michel from the Griffin Police Department arrived and placed Stevens in handcuffs.

Stevens received cuts to the bridge of his nose and face, and multiple abrasions during his fight with Fuller. He was transported to Spalding Regional Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

Inv. Fuller was taken to the medical facility at the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office to be checked by staff and was released back to duty.

Stevens has been charged with driving on suspended license, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of methamphetamine, possession of schedule 2 narcotic (2cts), possession of drug related objects, and headlight requirements. He is currently being held in the Spalding County Jail.

According to Sheriff Darrell Dix “This was a violent encounter between Investigator Jennifer Fuller and Dustin Stevens that could have rapidly escalated in to a greater use of force. Deputy Fuller did an outstanding job of defending herself from Steven’s attack and his attempts to disarm her. She handled herself well, effected the arrest, and I’m glad she was not more seriously injured.”