At the November 14th City Commissioners meeting:

The commissioners:

Approved:  a Proclamation declaring November 2017 to be National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. The county approved a similar proclamation at their November 6th meeting.

Ms. Janie Clark along with other members of Brightmoor Hospice was present to accept the proclamation.

The commissioners recognized  Wanda Moore-Crawford, Contract Desk Supervisor, with the Customer Service Department, as the October 2017 “Strongest Link” award recipient.

During her 8 year tenure with the City of Griffin Wanda has grown from a Contract Desk Technician to her current position as the Contract Desk Supervisor. Wanda is dependable and conscientious of the job she performs. Last May the two employees that reported directly to Wanda resigned to pursue other opportunities. This left Wanda to operate the Contract Desk at the busiest time of the year by herself. While others assisted Wanda during this time, Wanda handled the majority of the business transactions. She took the additional job duties, in stride, never complaining or letting the level of Customer Service to our customers lessen. Wanda is the definition of “The Strongest Link in the Chain”.

The commissioners recognized  The 2017 Leadership Development Institute graduates. Fire Chief, Tommy Jones, presented certificates to the eighteen graduates.

The City of Griffin Leadership Development Institute was created to encourage current and future leaders of the City of Griffin and Spalding County to participate in a formal program designed to teach the necessary skills to unlock their leadership potential, as well as fostering individual personal growth. This 12-week program included six full-day classes and six Leadership Power Hour sessions covering a variety of topics. The participants were nominated by their department director and come from a variety of departments within the City of Griffin and Spalding County. The city had 12 participants and the county had 6 participants.


The commissioners reconized   The 2017 Community Emergency Response Team training graduates. . Fire Chief, Tommy Jones, presented certificates to the thirteen graduates. Training included Disaster Preparedness, Fire Suppression, Medical Aid, Search and Rescue, Disaster Psychology and Team Organization, Disaster Simulation, and Terrorism Response.



The commissioners approved  the Griffin-Spalding County Hospital Authority grant allocations for the year 2018.  $20,000 to the Spalding County Board of Health for flu shots, and $1,700 to the Spalding County Office of Homeland Security for the purchase of fans. In order for the Hospital Authority to grant funds, both the City Commission and County Commission must give their approval.

The Commissioners approved an appropriation of $194,670 from Main Street Fund Balance (City $94,670 and County $100,000) for Solomon Park and amend the budget accordingly. The City and County each approved funding in Fiscal Year 2017 for Solomon Park. This amendment simply moves the designated funds from the Main St operating account to a Capital Projects account.

Approved:  of a consolidated (bulk) buy for the purchase of sixty (60) PCs for the Information Technology department from the Dell Georgia State Contract under the City’s life cycle management program in the amount of $36,551.40.

Approved:  the purchase of a Lee Boy  Tack Distributor from Reynolds-Warren Equipment off NJPA purchasing contract, in the amount of $18,400.00 for the Street Department and declare as surplus old unit which is worn and inoperable.

Approved:  the purchase of seventy-eight (78) Pep-Link BR1 Mini Global Positioning System modems for Police and Fire Department to provide MDT’s with an active Automatic Vehicle Location in the amount of $20,302.00.

Approved:   $54,356.31 for Four Seasons Cable Construction to install fiber optic cabling in Lakes of Green Valley allowing the City of Griffin to offer high-speed Internet services to Lakes at Green Valley industries.

Approved:  the consolidated (bulk) buy for the purchase of sixty-nine (69) vehicle rugged Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Tough-books and Docking Stations for the Police Department from the Dell Georgia State Contract in the amount of $141,880.20.

Approved:  of a Task Order Form for the design and construction management of the water and sewer lines relocation of Solomon Street Park to Paragon Consulting Group in the amount of $22,600.00.

Old Slaton Avenue East was abandoned during the demolition of Old City Hall. The water and wastewater lines reside in the street. These lines need to be adjusted or relocated in order for the park to be constructed.

Approved:  to purchase furnishings off state contract in the amount of $78,645.16. for new Fire Station #2 and Headquarters building, from Impact Office Interiors.

Approved:   the proposed updated Personnel Policy Manual.. Changes to the 52 page Personnel Policy were discussed in a Board of Commissioner workshop on October 24, 2017.




The commissioners have approved  ELECTRIC RATE ADJUSTMENTS for all services, see index below,  of Tariffs as recommended by Electric Cities of Georgia and increasing the Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery (ECCR) from $.0065 to $.0067 effective 01/01/2018.


Revenue increase would assist in meeting demand of increase wholesale power cost and projected debt of Vogle expansion.

Proposed rate adjustments would result in the following approximate revenue increases:

2018     $1,638,063

2019     $2,471,508

2020     $1,834,650

2021     $0

2022     $0

The commissioners also approved a WATER AND WASTEWATER RATE INCREASE to cover new debt for the construction of the Flint River Pump Station, Potato Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cabin Creek wastewater Treatment Plant and the Head Works and Dewater of Shoal Creek Sludge Ponds.

The Commissioners indicated they had three options to consider.

Option #1 provides a 9% revenue reserve for emergency repairs to system. In the future, when Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant needs to be upgraded, 100% of the upgrade may be bonded at that time. By selecting Option #1 if some major failure of the aging Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant (HSWTP) occurs, there would  be funds available to address the issue.

Option #3 provides a lesser reserve of 5% (instead of 9%)

Option #2 provides no reserve for future HSWTP upgrade.

By a 4/2 vote The Commissioners chose option #2 which has the smallest rate increase but provides no reserve for future HSWTP upgrade.

01/01/18   3.75% for both water and wastewater

07/01/19   2.50% for both water and wastewater

07/01/20   2.00% for both water and wastewater