A kindergartner enrolled in the local school system was found in possession of a firearm Thursday morning. No injuries were reported.

The school system superintendent Dr. Jute Wilson said.

Thursday morning, a 6-year old Lamar County Primary student brought an unloaded small caliber pistol to school. After showing the weapon to a student, the classmate reported to an adult who immediately secured the backpack and notified administrators. There is no evidence the child intended to hurt anyone. The weapon was never loaded, brandished, or used to threaten anyone. We are proud of the classmates, staff members, and administration who handled the situation quickly and safely. We are especially proud of the young classmate who notified an adult of the matter. 

The Lamar County School System is working closely with the Barnesville Police Department and the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office. This incident will be handled according to state and district policies by both the school system and law enforcement.