The Griffin City Commissions met Tuesday Night February 13th at the city offices downtown.

The Commissioners recognized:  D’Marquivius King, Police Officer, with the Police Department, as the January 2018 “Strongest Link” award recipient.

The “Strongest Link” Award is given monthly to a deserving employee who has demonstrated excellent performance and productivity, loyalty, professional pride, and other noteworthy accomplishments. The recognized employee receives one day off with pay, a gift certificate from a local restaurant, a “Strongest Link” plaque, and the symbolic “chain”, which he will be the custodian of until a subsequent employee is recognized.


Police Chief Mike Yates Police nominated D’Marquivius King (DJ) who came to the police department over a year ago as an 18 year old intern. We immediately recognized DJ as “Different”, mature beyond his years, already a leader in his ROTC program in his high school. DJ performed admirably in his role as an intern, learning the records division operations, never late, always polite, again, showing a maturity beyond his years. DJ expressed his desire to become a police officer which, with skepticism due to his age, I agreed to consider. As DJ graduated from high school and submitted his application for police officer he was presented with the usual obstacles of that process but, in spite of skepticism, excelled. Given his maturity, work ethic, outgoing personality and commitment, I agreed to give him a try. He was hired and sent to the police academy where he would sink or swim on his own merits. Not surprisingly, he excelled at the academy and graduated as a certified officer in 2017, the first 18/19 year old I have ever hired. DJ was then placed into the rigorous FTO (Field Training Officer) program which lasts a minimum of 12 weeks and has about a 20% failure rate (even for older more experienced individuals). Again, not surprising to those of us who have gotten to know DJ, he again excelled. With an abundance of caution I required DJ to grudgingly complete extra weeks of FTO training, simply because of his youth, even when his FTO’s said “he’s ready”. Again, DJ excelled. He was released from field training a few weeks ago and continues to set an example for even the experienced officers. Even before his FTO program was complete the public commented frequently about his attitude, professionalism and willingness to help. Shortly after completing his FTO program he was recognized for changing a flat tire, in the cold and the rain for a citizen, AFTER he got off duty. He is an amazing young man and sets the bar high for himself in the service of others and I could use a dozen more just like him, in spite of his youth, given his exceptional maturity. He is an example for all of us to follow, enthusiastic, positive, ready to work and “Happy” to be part of the team…… We can all learn something from him.

Mike Yates Police Chief.


The commissioners:

Approved”   a Proclamation declaring Friday, February 16, 2018 to be Arbor Day in the City of Griffin.  The City of Griffin has been recognized as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation and desires to continue its tree-planting ways. Arbor Day celebratory events bring focus to the efforts to protect our trees and woodlands, to support our city’s urban forestry programs, and to plant trees to promote the well-being of present and future generations. In that regard, everyone is invited to an Arbor Day celebratory event to be held at 10 a.m. on February 16, 2018 at the New Horizons – New Directions Preparatory Academy at 814 Experiment Street, at which time we will plant three Red maple trees on campus.


The commissioners:

Approved:    to amend the City of Griffin’s Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Operating and Capital Budget for Golf Course Fund in the amount of $102,730.00; and approve the transfer of $137,725.00 from Golf Course Escrow to Golf Course checking account.

The resolution and budget amendment appropriates to the Golf Course Fund $102,730.00 to be used for the irrigation system update.  Balance in Golf Course Escrow cash account is $165,385.77 as of January 30, 2018.  Transfer of cash $137,725.00 from Golf Course Escrow will leave $27,660.77 in the account.


Approved:   upgrades to City of Griffin’s Network Router equipment to purchase off State contract to move the existing network to a redundant environment in the amount of $149,632.00.

The City’s core router has reached life cycle replacement and network capacity.  The network upgrade is necessary to ensure existing network has redundant environment that is critical to the City’s Internet customers.  The upgrade will allow the network to run at optimum capacity for the City of Griffin to meet the network requirements and future expansions.


Approved:   renewal of Cooperative Facilities Use Agreement between the City of Griffin and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia on behalf of the University of Georgia Archway Partnership for Suite 505 at One Griffin Center in the amount of $1,200.00 per year.

This an anual lease agreement.  The Archway Partnership offices have been located in One Griffin Center since February 2015.


Approved:   an additional Griffin-Spalding County Hospital Authority grant allocation for the year 2018, requiring City and County approval, for the County Senior Nutrition Program in the amount of $26,500.  In order for the Hospital Authority to grant the noted funds, both the City Commission and County Commission must give their approval for the County Senior Nutrition Program in the amount of $26,500.


Approved:  the purchase of Fluoride Feeder System from Water Treatment & control, Co., in the amount of $20,251.00 for the Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant. This is a budgeted item.


Approved:   an agreement with JM Clayton for the installation and start-up services for High Service Pump #1 Still Branch pump station in the amount of $66,080.00 for the Water and Wastewater Department.

This is a sole source purchase. JM Clayton has institutional knowledge of the system and installed the High Service Pump #2 in 2015.   $405,000 was budgeted in FY2017 and 2018 for this project. This $66,080 agreement will conclude this project.

Approved:   construction of a new replacement scale house at the City of Griffin Transfer Station and Regional Recycling Center at a cost not to exceed $75,000.

Approval of this project will enable the City to construct a new, modern, and healthy environment for the employees and customers to report and conduct business as the existing scale house is approx. 25 years old and has become a harbor for rodents, and the air quality has become questionable.

No single contractor is being assigned or awarded this project as it will be constructed mostly in-house using City Staff as well as a Mobile Construction crew from the Department of Corrections. All building codes will be adhered to and City building inspectors will document same. Occasionally a contractor will be used on proprietary projects that require certifications or licenses. i.e. electrical, HVAC and plumbing.

The Commissioners Approved:   Resolution 2018 CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) for water and sewer improvements in the City’s FY 2018 CDBG Target Area, Meriwether Street (between Park Road and South 8th Street) and authorized the Chairman to execute pertinent documentation.

The City commits to the required cash match for the project, $1,000 cash for the required audits and all additional cash and/or in-kind services needed to complete the project over the grant amount. The City of Griffin Public Works Department will commit $323,550 in cash and $10,000 in-kind services in FY18.

Approved:    on first reading an Ordinance amending Chapter 22 of the Code of Griffin, STATE MINIMUM CONSTRUCTION CODES, to recognize the mandatory state minimum construction codes, effective January 1, 2018, as enacted by the Board of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

In the early 1990’s the General Assembly enacted a law delegating to the Department of Community Affairs state minimum building codes in order to provide uniformity throughout the state in construction. This ordinance amends the City Code to reflect the latest changes made by the DCA Board.

Approved and authorized:   the City of Griffin Chairperson to sign application for a Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA) Loan for Shoal Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in the amount of $8,000,000.

The GEFA Loan will pay for the dewatering of sludge lagoons and the construction of a new headworks for the treatment facility. The existing headworks has outlived its useful life, and lagoons need sludge sediment removed.

Approved:   to amend the contract with P.F. Moon for the Cabin Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction in the amount of $700,000.

In the construction process it has been discovered that the soil is unsuitable for the foundation of the Oxidation Ditch Process, and the sub-structure has to be designed, engineered and constructed. Original design and geo technical work was performed around the existing plant and results did not demonstrate unsuitable soils. The Original loan budgeted of $16,000,000 made allowance in case of such potential issues.


The Commissioners  Reappointed:  Marcus Allen to the Main Street Program for a three-year term to expire 12/31/20.


Approved:    a revised city administrative staff organizational chart. The Staff Attorney, Jessica O’Connor will assume responsibility as Chief of Staff, per a revised organizational chart and revised job description.

There is no impact to the Staff Attorney budget. Beginning FY 19, a solicitor will be needed to assist city court. Staff Attorney has been Solicitor, but will now assume role of Assistant Solicitor. Solicitor was previously budgeted at $20,000 and Assistant Solicitor was budgeted at $3,500. A new Solicitor should impact the budget around $18,000 in FY 19.


The commissioners:

Approved:  Denial of claim and rejection of Demand for Settlement in the amount of $1,000,000 of a purported ante litem notice from attorney Laquetta S. Pearson, on behalf of her client Larry Crawford, for personal injuries allegedly received in a motor vehicle collision with a Griffin Police officer on December 27, 2017 at approximately 6:30 p.m. on North Expressway.

The City of Griffin participates in the Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Agency (GIRMA) which provides Motor Vehicle Liability Coverage on City vehicles.


The commissioners:

Approved to put into a short term portfolio an unexpected revenue of $1.1 million dollar credit from MEAG for the city’s share from Wholesale Supplier Natural Gas. The unexpected funds will be readily available when the commissioners decide where they may best be used.


The commissioners went into Executive Session for the purpose of meeting with the City’s attorney(s) to discuss pending/potential litigation, and acquisition of property.


Submitted by:     Larry Johnson