Pike County Sheriff Jimmy Thomas has advised WKEU NEWS that his investigators have continued to gather information and evidence in regards to the death of a juvenile earlier this month at 14777 Highway 19.

The facts of the case have shown that three juveniles entered a commercial property without permission from the property owner. While inside the facility, the juveniles attached a chain hoist to the bumper of a truck, in order to lift the front of the truck off of the ground. The chain was hooked to the bumper of the truck, and it was during this time that the metal bumper gave way to the weight that was placed on it. The truck then fell striking the juvenile. The Medical Examiner’s Office at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation advised investigators that the manner of the juvenile’s death was consistent with the aforementioned sequence of events and evidence  obtained.

Investigators have been in contact with the District Attorney’s Office as to the progress of the investigation and the findings as they are developed.  On Wednesday, April 15, the criminal charges were upgraded by investigators with the Department of Juvenile Justice to involuntary manslaughter for the 12 and 14 year old juveniles.

This case remains open and under investigation any further developments will be relayed when appropriate.