Board of Zoning Appeals of Spalding County will meet
Thursday, May 13, 2021
7:00 PM
119 E. Solomon Street, Room 108


A. Call to Order

Note: Persons desiring to speak must sign in for the appropriate application. When called, speakers
must state their names and addresses and direct all comments to the Board only. Speakers will be
allotted three (3) minutes to speak on their chosen topics and relate to matters pertinent to the
jurisdiction of the Board of Zoning Appeals. No questions will be asked by any of the
commissioners during citizen comments. Outbursts from the audience will not be tolerated.
Common courtesy and civility are expected at all times during the meeting.

B. New Business:

1. Application #21-38V: JDA Land & Cattle Company, LLC, Owner – Entrance of River Falls
Subdivision (35.06 acres located in Land Lot(s) 107 & 118 of the 2nd Land District) – requesting a
variance to increase the maximum sign height requirement from 5’ to 8’4” for subdivision sign

2. Application #21-39V: West 3rd Street, LLC, Owner – 101 Moreland Road (3.745 ac. located in
Land Lot 119 of the 2nd Land District) – requesting multiple variances to the Tri County Crossing

3. Application #21-40V: Elizabeth Christensen, Owner – 330 Edwards Road (2.0 ac. located in LL 28
of the 3rd Land District) – requesting a variance to reduce the front yard setback from 100’ to 92’.

C. Approval of Minutes:

4. Consider approval of April 8, 2021 Minutes.

D. Other Business:

E. Adjournment