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Griffin Power Employees Lee Goodman, Rusty Spear, Eric Riggins, and Leroy Brown were present when Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 767 into law. House Bill 767, otherwise known as the “Move Over for Lineman Law” puts utility vehicles under the “Move Over” law umbrella that was previously limited to stationary law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, wreckers and garbage trucks. The law will take effect July 1, 2016.

In April of 2015 three Georgia linemen were killed when a car veered off the road and struck them while they were working to install new electrical poles. This bill requires any motorist approaching utility linemen at an active work site – indicated by traffic cones or flashing yellow, amber, white, or red lights – to change lanes or reduce speed to a “reasonable and proper velocity below the posted limit.”  Those who violate the law can face a $250 fine per incident.

“Getting up on a utility pole in all sorts of conditions is already a dangerous job,” said Griffin Power Director Dan Thompson. “Adding utility workers to the ‘Move Over’ law is a huge step in keeping our men and women safe as they perform their duties.”