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Winds, Tree falls on power lines cuts power to stadium, delaying the game for 25 minutes, and falling temperatures makrd a Home coming to remember at Memoiral Stadium on Friday night as the Bears played the Rierdale Raiders. WKEUs Ted Taylor ane Tony Broski Broadcast the Game. De Cleveland, was homecoming King and Shacoria Jones was the Home Coming Queen.

For a rollup of the game click on the link below.

The Griffin Police Department, Spalding Regional EMS, Griffin Fire and Rescue all responded to a two vehicle accident around 3:30 Thursday afternoon. A Pontianc traveling west bound was rearended by a Geo Metro. The accident caused both west bound lanes to be closed, and traffic was diverted through the Oak Hill Cementary. The injuries associated with the accident were not thought to be life threatening.



Spalding County Parks and Recreation will be accepting registration for the
Men’s Open and Men’s Industrial
Basketball Leagues
November 3, 2014 through December 1, 2014
At the
Spalding County Parks and Recreation Administrative Offices
843 Memorial Drive
Griffin, GA
Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday
From 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Only team registration will be accepted.
The entry fee for both leagues will be $450.00 per team.
Payment must be made at the time of registration.
No personal checks will be accepted.
For more information please contact
Robby Milner at 770-467-4750.



The first order of business at the Griffin City Commissioners meeting Tuesday October 28 th The Commissioners approved a proposal to “Honor our KIA”.  John Carlisle was present to address the commissioners. “Honor Our KIA” is a concept conceived by Mr. Carlisle to honor our service men and woman who were killed in action from WWI to present. A committee has been formed to implement the plan.

The Commissioners approved to amend the City of Griffin’s General Fund Fiscal Year 2015 Operating and Capital Budget in the amount of $11,574.00; transfer $11,573.87 to General Fund Operating Cash from Confiscated Assets Griffin Police Department Fund Cash (which consists of unrestricted donations and court orders for abandoned property), to be used by the police department to purchase Honor Guard uniforms and advertising/promotional materials. Honor Guard uniforms will be used for special events and ceremonies.  Advertising and promotional materials will be used to enhance community relationship and visibility.

Approved:  a Master Services Agreement between the City Of Griffin and Brown & Caldwell for Landfill and Solid Waste System Engineering and Consulting Services. This allows the City to engage in EPD mandated inspection and corrective action issues as well as minor modification requests, new cell construction design , post closure reporting and monitoring and other required landfill operational and logistical tasks. These issues were previously by a firm who has moved to Baltimore and cannot serve the City’s needs. Brown & Caldwell has hired one of their Engineers who is familiar with the Landfill and was part of the project design as well as 12 years working with the City. This agreement is not to exceed FY/15 approved budget for Professional Services of $29,650.

Approved  to amend the City of Griffin’s Fiscal Year 2015 Operating and Capital Budget by reallocating $3,605.00 from contract labor line item to equipment rental line item from Transfer Station Division in Solid Waste Utility Fund. The transfer of these funds is necessary to pay for the rental of a heavy wheeled loader to facilitate the unloading and installation of the new sort line equipment currently being delivered to the Recycling Center. Funds are available due to the FY14-15 contract labor budget being delayed by o month which equates to $4,160 that will not be expended.

Approved a Resolution authorizing the acquisition of a new Caterpillar 950K Wheel Loader from Yancey Brothers Co., in the amount of $354,835, and authorizing a Multiyear Lease,  with Caterpillar Financial Services Corp., for an Initial Term expiring 12/31/14 and 5 annual renewal terms, at rate not to exceed 3.2%.  Amount Financed is $355,835 (includes equipment price and document fee of $500.00); Total Obligation not to exceed $418,836.60 (includes balloon payment of $85,354.00, due 11/3/19).

Approved a Resolution amending the FY 15 Budget to transfer funds between accounts in order to pay the lease payment due December 3, 2014; this is the only lease obligation due in FY 15.

This piece of equipment is essential to operate the City Transfer Station and meet operational requirements for the Recycling Program. This equipment will replace a 2001 Volvo L120 Loader, which is no longer fiscally feasible to repair as cost of engine replacement exceeds net value of the unit. This unit will be declared surplus and sold at auction on

Approved to re-task Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant monies and amend the budget accordingly. The airport’s approved FY 15 budget includes $269,000. FAA AIP grant monies to construct a fence around the current GS-Airfield.  On 8 October, 2014 the FAA has approved the construction of a replacement airport for Griffin-Spalding County.  All new AIP grant money will be used for the new airport.  On 11 August 2014, the Airport Authority unanimously agreed that in the event a new replacement airport was approved, the money budgeted for the fence will be re-allocated to new airport initiatives.  Two items, a New Airport Layout Plan (ALP) & an airport Property Boundary Survey and Plat are necessary to initiate the new airport process.  These items have been reviewed by FAA / GDOT and approved for AIP grants.  The Authority requests that the City & County authorize re-tasking the $269,000 to be re-allocated to the new airport ALP and airfield Property & Boundary Survey.

Approved to amend the City of Griffin – Spalding County Airport Authority Fiscal Year 2015 Operating and Capital Budget in the amount of $28,000.00. This agenda and amendment serves to correct the current year budget since the City’s Board approved the purchase back in December 2013 (Fiscal Year 2014). The truck was subsequently delivered and invoiced in fiscal year 2015, thus crossing fiscal years and therefore requires a budget amendment for correct budget presentation.

Approved to purchase from the lowest and most responsive bidder, Presidio Networked Solutions, a battery back-up power system in the amount of $34,889.69 for the City’s server room and Electric Operations control room. This back-up power system will allow all equipment maintained in the server room to run without interruption for one hour in the event of an extended power outage.  The smaller unit that was in place before SCADA will be sold on

Approved  to amend the City of Griffin’s Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Operating and Capital Budget for Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) fund in the amount of $207,940 for expenditures resulting from winter storms. Storm related expenditures will be reimbursed by FEMA.

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After the arrest of former police chief Jim Roberts, a Molena police reserve officer was also  arrested Monday, Oct. 27th for making false statements to the GBI.
Adam Sampler was booked into Spalding County Jail Monday morning. GBI Special Agent In Charge Chris De Marco said Sampler was arrested for giving false statements to GBI investigators during the course of the investigation into allegations against Jim Roberts Sampler was also a full time officer in Jonesboro and was terminated from his job in Jonesboro on Monday. He had also worked for the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office in the past.
The former Molena Chief, Jim Roberts was released on a $44,000 bond on Oct. 22 from the Pike County jail. Two additional charges have been filed against Roberts by the GBI, including violation of oath of office and making false writings. He also faces two charges of sodomy solicitation of juveniles under 17 years old and felony theft by conversion. Roberts, 45, was arrested Oct. 15th after a GBI investigation into his actions as Molena’s Police Chief. According to Sherry Lang of the GBI, Roberts solicited several young men for sex and used his position as police chief to gain their trust. Lang said Roberts provided one of the young men with his personal code and key from Molena to obtain gas to fill up the young man’s vehicle. Before becoming Molena’s Police Chief, Roberts was Police Chief for Jonesboro. After a GBI investigation in October of 2006, Roberts resigned from that department according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
According to John Bankhead of the GBI, the investigation was about property seized by the department and how that property was disposed.
District Attorney at the time Jewel Scott said the item under investigation was a moped but gave no other details. Roberts faced no criminal charges but GBI agents were seeking a warrant to arrest a sergeant under his command.
If convicted of any of the charges Roberts could lose his Police Office Standards and Training from (POST) The Academy in Forsyth.  Losing his Certification will make him  unable to serve as a law enforcement officer in the future. The Peace Officer Standards and Training council is in charge of issuing certifications to law enforcement officers. “There are provisions in the code section that says basically what we issue, we also have the responsibility when officers get in trouble, to investigate that and take it to our council for a possible disciplinary action,” said Ryan Powell, public information officer for Georgia Police Officer Standards and Training Council in Forsyth.  WKEU news would like thank Waler Geige and the Pike Journal Reporter for their assistance in this news story.

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emory air flight 3

On Saturday Lama County Sheriffs Department Officials, EMT Personnel, and Emory Air Flight based at the Griffin Spalding Airport responded to the scene of a injured male that was blown off the back of a truck traveling northbound on Veterans Parkway near Fred’s.  The man was in the back of the pickup truck trying to keep a mattress in the bed of the truck when a wind blast blew the mattress and the man from the bed of the truck and into the roadway. Johnny “Pee Wee” Zellner age 62 of Barnesville died about three hours after the accident of head and other injuries.
The incident occurred just after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Zellner was reportedly unconscious and was bleeding from both ears. A landing zone for the helicopter was established near Ace Hardware. Where Zellner was air lifted by Emory Air Flight Helicopter Air Ambulance to a Trauma Unit. The incident remains under investigation and more information is expected to be released later.


griffin bears

The Griffin Bears won big on Friday night as the Griffin Bears were in Zebulon to take on the Pike County Pirates.  The Bears won 57 to 7.

With a rolup of the Game with WKEU Sports Director Tony Broski click below.





For the first time the combined win totals of Griffin Bears and Spalding Jaguars broke the 100 mark.  The Spalding Jaguars hosted Riverdale at Memorial Stadium in Griffin.  The Jaguars won 47 to 20 over Riverdale.   The Jaguars were broadcast on WKEU AM 1450 and streamed live on the world wide web from our website with Tim Shepherd and Ken Bozeman doing the Play by Play.

For a rollup of the Spalding Game click below.


The Pike County Sheriff Jimmy Thomas has advised WKEU news that his Department received a complaint of two individuals posing as Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agents and passing counterfeit payroll checks several weeks ago. During the on-going  investigation it was learned that the two suspects were wearing law enforcement attire including gun belts and appeared to be armed with hand guns.
Investigators coordinated with other law enforcement agencies to determine the extent of the individuals activities, and found that numerous counterfeit checks had been passed in other counties during which the suspects represented themselves as law enforcement personnel. At this time it is believed that thousands of dollars were illicitly gained through the cashing of these checks.
The suspects were identified by investigators as Troy Shane McCranie (48 years of age) and Charles Levy Jones (39 years of age). McCranie was found to have no permanent address as he moved amongst different motels on a regular basis. Jones was residing in Lithonia.
The duo was tracked down at a motel in the city of Mcdonough at which time they were confronted and arrested by Investigators. At the time of arrest McCranie was wearing duty gear commonly used by law enforcement with an apparent weapon in his holster, this later was found to be a BB gun.
Jones attempted to flee into a bathroom during which he was arrested and found to have disposed of two BB pistols that were very similar to real handguns.
A large amount of evidence was found on the suspects and in their vehicle. These items included methamphetamine, counterfeit checks, counterfeit drivers licenses and social security cards, computers and printers used to manufacture all of the fraudulent items. Clothing in the vehicle was also found to have been altered to appear as law enforcement issued equipment by affixing patches that had been made that are commonly associated with law enforcement.
Pike, Upson, Spalding, Fayette , Lamar and Henry counties have all been struck by the suspects during their crime spree. As checks are processed by local banks it is possible that additional charges will be forthcoming.
The pair are currently housed in the Pike County Jail and are facing the following charges: Impersonating a Police Officer, printing , executing fictitious checks, Identity Fraud, Possession of tools during commission of a crime , manufacturing false ID documents and Forgery. Numerous other charges are expected as other agencies compile the crimes committed in their jurisdictions.
McCranie was currently on bond in Carroll County for additional Forgery charges.




The annual  Black Cat Hunt was held Thursday night October 23, 2014. The Black Cat Hunt was aired on WKEU AM 1450 and on the world wide web from our website  The WKEU vans were set up at Griffin’s Bank The First National Bank main branch located at 318 South Hill Street. Six little black cats were hidden  around Griffin . WKEU’s Ted Taylor and Tony Broski broadcast the event again this year. The Black Cat Hunt started at 7:30.

Black Cat number 1 was located at the old Golden’s Super Market in Experiment and was found by Sharman  Brannon of Concord.

Cat number 2 was hiding at Kirby-Risk on Harlow Avenue and was found by Ashley Horton of Griffin.:

Number 3 was located at Griffin Office Park and was found by Tanya Chaney of Griffin

Number 4 was located  at Sacred Heart Church on MacArthur Drive.  It was claimed by Mary Passmore of Griffin. :

Number 5 was found longing at the office of State Farm agent Rita Johnson on Lucky Street, and was found by Ashley Buffington of Griffin

Number 6 was located at Hobbs Pharmacy and  was located by Williamson resident Sierra McLemore

WKEU would like to thank Griffins Bank First National Bank 318 South Hill Street Main Office  for allowing WKEU to use their facility. First National is always the host of the Black Cat Hunts and we again thank Chuck Copeland and his staff for their gracious and dedicated supports to WKEU and the Family Event the Black Cat Hunt.  Also a special thanks to our sponsors that made the broadcast possible, and the many prizes that were given away each of those sponsors believe as we do that the family events like the Black Cat Hunt, and others is a time for families to build memories for a lifetime, and we thank you all for participating in the 2014 black cat hunt.