EAA meeting

Between 5:00 and 6:00 Thursday evening units from the Griffin Police Department, Griffin Fire and Rescue, and Spalding Regional EMS responded to the Griffin-Spalding County airport to a plane crash. A twin engine aircraft was making an approach for landing, and touched down then skidded off the runway. Commissioner Dick Morrow advised WKEU News that apparently the pilot forgot to lower the landing gear and the aircraft skidded safely off the runway. There were no injuries from the incident, and the airport was closed until the aircraft could be removed. The airport reopened the runway about an hour later.



Spalding County 4-H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging team members:
Front L-R: Sayla Boldon and Cheyenne Bailey
Back L-R: Zaria Owens, Lexie Bailey, Benjamin Rutledge, Isabel Rutledge, Abigail Noulis, Carrianna Simmons, and Hannah Rutledge

Spalding County 4-H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Junior and Senior Teams competed at their area contest in Conyers in November. This competition is sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission, and as such, the 4-H’ers write their own commercial about cotton and give their live presentation before two judges. In the consumer judging part of the competition, 4-H’ers learn about four consumer items: an article of clothing, a food/beverage, a consumer service, and a consumer good. They compete by reading a scenario about each category, rank 4 items in that category best to worse, and present oral reasons before a judge stating why they placed the items in that ranking.

The team members are given a score on Placing and Reasons, Presentation (cotton commercial), and Over-all Individual.

The Spalding County 4-H Junior Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Team members were:

Zaria Owens: 4th place Placing and Reasons and 3rd Over-all;

Sayla Boldon; Lexi Bailey; and Cheyenne Bailey.

The Area First Place Spalding County team members and their placings were:

Abigail Noulis: 2nd place Placing and Reasons and 6th Over-all;

Benjamin Rutledge: 2nd place Presentation and 5th Over-all;

Hannah Rutledge: 3rd place (tie) Placing and Reasons, 6th Presentation, and 3rd Over-all;

Isabel Rutledge: 6th place Placing and Reasons, 1st Presentation, and 4th Over-all; and

Carrianna Simmons: 3rd place (tie) Placing and Reasons, 4th Presentation, and 2nd Over-all.

The team’s 1st place score earned them a berth in the state competition on 12 December at Rock Eagle 4-H Center where they won 3rd place in the state. The top 4 scoring team members earned the opportunity to compete on the state team.

The State 3rd Place Spalding County team members were:

Isabel Rutledge: 2nd place Placing and Reasons and 3rd Over-all;

Benjamin Rutledge: 3rd Place Presentation;

Carrianna Simmons, and Hannah Rutledge.

WKEU News has learned that Corey Jarvis will not accept the position as the next Griffin High School head football coach. A WKEU source stated to WKEU News, and also reported on twitter from Fox 5 Atlanta and 11 Alive twitter account that Corey Jarvis will stay at May High School as their Head Coach. Jarvis stated and we quote ”After careful and thoughtful consideration, I have decided to remove my name as a candidate for the position of head football coach at Griffin High School. I would like to thank the members of the Griffin-Spaulding County School District for considering me. However, my plan is to remain at Mays High School, where we will continue striving for a state championship, while building and molding great young men who will go on to be contributing members of society.” WKEU News would like to thank 11 Alive for their assistance with this story.

As of now their hasn’t been an official press release by the Griffin-Spalding County School System as to what the next step will be to fill the position.


Lamar County Sheriff Brad White hs advised WKEU news that att approximately 6:25 a.m. on February 4th the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office received a  single vehicle accident on I-75 southbound at the 200 mile marker.  The vehicle hit the guardrail and came to rest in the northbound lanes of I-75.  Officers responding to the scene arrived at approximately 6:34 a.m. The driver and occupant of the vehicle were checked by emergency personnel at the scene.  Neither occupant received any injuries.

Upon further investigation, officers found containers with possible hazardous materials inside which raised suspicions of a possible mobile Meth lab.   At this time, Sheriff Brad White expressed extreme concern for the motoring public. The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office quarantined the area and contacted the GBI HAZMAT and EOD officers for assistance securing the suspected hazardous materials.  The GBI HAZMAT and EOD officers arrived and secured, removed and transported the suspected hazardous materials away from the scene.

Sheriff Brad White expresses his regret for any inconvenience experienced by the motoring public for delays which occurred during the closing of I-75 northbound.

Spalding County

The Spalding County Office of Elections and Voter Registration would like to remind Spalding County Registered Voters that early voting for the Presidential Preference Primary is:
Monday, February 8, 2016 through Friday, February 26, 2016. 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Saturday voting will be available on February 20, 2016 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Spalding County residents can vote early at the:

Office of Elections and Voter Registration 825 Memorial Drive Griffin, GA 30224
Registered voters are not required to provide a reason to early vote.

Photo ID is required.

If you have any questions, please call:  770/467-4245


Hawkins suffered a traumatic brain injury when his Saturn crossed the centerline on Hwy. 41 South near C&B Convenience Store and hit a tractor-trailer nearly head-on just before noon on April 3, 2015.

Hawkins, was a Lamar County High School graduate and volunteer firefighter in Monroe County.NHe was removed from life support earlier in the week.
WKEU would like to thank Walter Geiger and the Barnesville Herald Gazette for their assistance in this new story. You can subscribe to the Herald Gazette on-line at barnesville.com

Spalding County
Spalding County Parks & Recreation is currently accepting nominations for the annual “Bain Proctor Award for Volunteerism.” Nominations will be accepted until the end of the business day on March 4, 2016. Any resident of Spalding County who has volunteered his/her service to benefit the community may be nominated for this award. The candidate may not be paid or otherwise compensated for their service. Nominations should include the following:
 A cover page with the nominee’s name and address, the name of the person submitting the nomination, contact information, and the name of the nominating association or organization if any.
 A maximum of a one-page (12 point font, 1-inch margins) statement documenting the nominees volunteer service to Spalding County and it’s citizens.
Nomination packets must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation administrative office, 843 Memorial Drive.
For more information, please call 770-467-4750.

Spalding County

Spalding County has received a share of a $3.75 million dividend declared by the Board of Trustees of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia – Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund (ACCG – GSIWCF). The dividend in the amount of $1,378.00 will be returned in the form of a credit towards Spalding County’s workers’ compensation premium for the 2016 policy year. The ACCG – GSIWCF is owned by the Georgia county government and authority members providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage to Georgia counties since its inception in 1982. The fund is managed by the Board of Trustees who represent the participating Georgia counties. Georgia law, enacted in 1982 at the request of Georgia county governments, allowed counties to pool their resources by forming a non-profit insurance fund to provide for anticipated losses and expenses. The ACCG – GSIWCF collectively self-insures a large portion of the risk, which allows Georgia county governments and authorities to purchase non-profit insurance coverage at cost-efficient rates that are typically better than a county could negotiate on its own. The non-profit self-insurance program is an effective method of financing insurable risks, which ultimately reduces insurance costs for the county and benefits the taxpayers. Members participating in the ACCG Insurance Program also receive extensive loss control and safety services to help mitigate and reduce claims. Fred Favors, McDuffie County Commissioner and Chairman of ACCG – GSIWCF Board of Trustees said, “The dividend rewards those long-term members of ACCG’s workers’ compensation fund and can result in a significant reduction in their insurance premium. This program continues to allow counties and authorities to effectively manage their insurance costs.” The dividends are possible because of favorable results in the investment of premium dollars held in reserve to pay claims. The successful management efforts on the part of Spalding County towards implementing loss control techniques and promoting safety contributes significantly in the reduction of injuries, claims and costs. Any insurance premiums and any investment income earned on the premium, which are not used to pay claims and operating expenses, belongs to the authority and county government members of the ACCG – Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund.