A Storm cell struck the Griffin and Spalding County area on Tuesday afternoon. It was the second day in a row for heavy rains, vivid lighting and heavy winds and thunder. In Sunnyside trees were downed on power lines, as well as Hollonville Road, North Walkers Mill Road. The Spalding Fire Department answered two calls of fires started by lightening on homes.  Chief Jamie Clark said that the fire on North Walkers mill road was a total loss as the home was fully involved when firefighters arrived.  A residence just off Brice street, at 105 Paul Circle was severely damaged when lightning struck a garage and bonus room there gutting both rooms. Also trees were down in the city with Crescent road having  a tree across the roadway and power lines down. .At 1003 west popular a tree fell on a on house and took out electrical service to the house.
Griffin Police, Power,  and Fire Departments were busy with downed trees and power lines in the Ctiy.
Centdral Georgia EMC in Jackson was busy restoring power in the Spaldng Coutny Are.
Sheriffs Deputies and Spaldin County Fire Department Firefighters,  were extremely busy when the sstorm cell spuched into the area begining abougt 4;30.

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A Garden Workshop is being sponsored by the University of Georgia Research and Education Garden on Saturday, May 2 from 9:30 AM-noon. The theme of the workshop is Container Plantings and Landscape Accent Plant Bed Design and is being presented by Jenni Hernandez and Julie Thames of Flintwood Farms in Fayette County. The event is being held at the Research and Education Garden, 129 Ellis Road, and is free to the public. Walk-ups will be welcomed but to assure your spot contact Dr. Wayne Gardner via email at :



Photo of  Racoon. Is for illustration. NOT either of the animals found in PIke County.

Photo of Racoon. Is for illustration. NOT either of the animals found in Pike County.


A second raccoon has tested positive for rabies in Pike County after a raccoon attacked a miniature poodle at a residence on Oak Grove Path. The home is located off Etheridge Mill Road and the raccoon was confirmed as rabid by Environmental Health County Manager Ben Trotter.


“The raccoon was found in a resident’s yard and evidently it had attacked their pet miniature poodle, The poodle did not suffer any suspected bite wounds but was slightly bruised and injured according to a local vet. The details leading up to the attack are not clear and authorities have asked the dog owner to quarantine the dog for six months.”

Another raccoon was attacked and killed by fenced dogs on Eppinger Bridge Road in Concord. That raccoon was tested and confirmed as rabid March 10. The dogs at the residence had all received rabies vaccinations but are being quarantined. 

The Georgia House passed House Bill 160 which will repeal a provision prohibiting the trapping of raccoons. The bill has been sent to the Georgia Senate for approval. If passed, the bill will lift a 35-year ban on trapping raccoons and would allow for trappers to use steel traps to catch the animals.
Rabid Raccoons were reported last year in the Southern and Griffin area of Spalding County .