The Griffin Post of the Georgia State Patrol is gearing up once again for another busy holiday travel period over this New Year’s weekend.  The New Year holiday travel period will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday and end Monday, January 2, covering a span of 78 hours similar to the Christmas period.   Traffic crashes across Georgia during the Christmas holiday travel period resulted in 11 traffic deaths.  Statewide, Georgia State Troopers investigated 372 traffic crashes that resulted in 175 injuries.  Troopers also investigated 8 fatal crashes, including one in Coweta County.  Local agencies reporting traffic deaths during the holiday period also included Henry County. In addition to crash investigations, State Troopers arrested 183 people for driving under the influence.  During the New Year’s holiday travel periods Georgia State Troopers will also be teaming up with law enforcement officials from across the state for “Operation Zero Tolerance”, a high visibility enforcement campaign, which targets impaired drivers. “Enjoy the holidays, but if you drive impaired, you will go to jail,” said the commissioner. During last year’s New Year’s period, 329 arrests were made for driving under the influence.  “If you know that you will be consuming alcoholic beverages, plan ahead to have a designated driver,” he added.


Shoppers in the Griffin area may notice that fireworks are back up for sale again.  In November, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a resolution prohibiting the use of fireworks in more than 100 counties due to extremely dry conditions, including Spalding and all surrounding counties.  Because of recent rainfall, the department of natural resources and forestry commission advised that it is okay to once again use fireworks.  That being said, the ban on use of fireworks actually never affected New Year’s Eve, as state law allowed the use of fireworks on that day no matter what the dry conditions may be.  Georgia law allows private use of fireworks between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on most days. Exceptions are made for Dec. 31 and July 3 and 4, when fireworks can be set off until 11:59 p.m., and for Jan. 1, when they can be set off until 1 a.m.