georiga house of reprsentatives

Thousands of military retirees in Georgia are suppoting a new House Bill that will provide state income tax free exemption to all militar retirees.  Many states now support their veteran retirees in this way.

House Bill 167 was introduced in the Georgia Legislature on 2 February 2015. The act is to provide a state income tax free exemption on all military retirement compensation. The bill has been submitted to the house ways and means committee for further staffing and hopefully brought back to the floor for a vote. The Governor is supporting this initiative.  Veterans are asked to please contact your local representative and encourage them to support this bill. Please relay to all retirees that you know and encourage them to build the support.  If you are active military and not retired, please support as well, you will be one day! Write your State Representative and encourage them and the members of the Ways and Means Committee to vote yes!!  Links are listed below.


Here is a link to State Representatives List.  Once you find your Representative just click on the name to send an email.