The Griffin+Spalding Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that the Southside Riders Association has assumed the responsibility for the Annual Christmas Parade, formerly coordinated through the Chamber.  The 55th Annual Christmas Parade will be held THURSDAY, December 7th at 7:00 p.m.

The Southside Riders Association is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that raises funds for multiple charities for children in our community and surrounding counties.  The Association with over 100 members plan to kick off the Holiday Season continuing the tradition of a parade held in the evening.

Registration will begin in November for groups wishing to participate in the parade.  Individuals on the planning team are: Becki Mccarty: (678) 588-1971 Mona Castile: (678) 849-0533 Brenda Whitley: (678) 572-3468 Kim Beavers: (678) 572-0534

State Representative Johnny Caldwell and Brigadier General Retired Curt Rauhut Executive Voice President of GMC College have announced that notification was forwarded to Mayor Bobby Blalock, and City Manager Larry Mitcham of Zebulon,  that GMC college has approved and signed the notorized License agreement for the extended campus of GMC college in Fayetteville as a campus in Zebulon Pike County Georgia. Mayor Blalock and Administrative Officer Larry Mitcham had forwarded the signed copy to GMC on Friday.  This approval will allow GMC to start modification to the Class Rooms adjacent to the City Hall offices. The schedule that is desired by General Rauhut and BG Retired Donahue will be for all build out to be completed for the facility to start accepting students in March of 2018.  Representative Caldwell also pointed out that GMC has an open enrollment policy and that all a student needs is a High School Diploma or GED there is no requirement for a SAT score. Mayor Bobby Blalock said that this is a huge step for Pike county to have access to a Junior College with the reputation of GMC in Zebulon. GMC was started in 1879 and now has over 14,000 students state wide.  The new Junior College will support students with the lowest tuition in Georgia from a facility with a 85 percent success rate.  Already students are enrolling for their last two years of college with the UGA Griffin Campus and the other 80 Colleges of which GMC has articulation agreements.   More great information is expected to be released later about the new GMC Zebulon and Pike Campus..