The public is cordially invited to participate in a groundbreaking ceremony that will be held on Friday, October 28, 2016, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at Orchard Hill Park located at 2972 Old 41 Highway, Griffin, Georgia. The ceremony will take place on the backside of the park off John Jones Road.
The construction of these site amenities has been made possible through 2015 SPLOST funding.  The Featured projects will include 3 new pavilions, a new parking lot and restroom building, playground resurfacing, and walking trail repairs. This unique project demonstrates the commitment to further enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Spalding County.

gbi badge

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has completed their investigation into a shooting incident that occurred earlier this year in Griffin. The GBI was asked to conduct the investigation by Griffin Police Chief Mike Yates. This is normal standard procedure for incident of this type when an officer for a family member of  an officer is involved in a shooting.  The incident occurred on April 15 th at the officers home. His wife shot her self in an suicide attempt with the officers firearm.
There were no fatalities from the incident and the GBI investigation reveled no evidence that would require further action  was found and the officer has been totally exonerated.  The GBI investigation was also sent to the Griffin Circuit District Attorney for a review, and the DA has advised the Griffin Police Department that there was no evidence to take the cases before a grand jury. WKEU news is scheduling a interview with Chief Yates for next week about this incident. Again the intensive GBI investigation has exonerated the officer in the incident.

griffn pd badge

The Griffin Police Department SIU, along with CAGE and the Crime scene unit conducted 4 search warrants Wednesday 10-19-2016 netting the following narcotics arrests. Lt. Thomason said “these cases were initiated by citizens calling in complaints, good people are tired of crime in their neighborhoods”. To provide information about crime you can call the Police department at 770-229-6450 or the tip line at 678-692-0452.

Search warrant location: 304 N. 15th St.







Kyle Duffey

Of 326 N. 15th St.

Griffin Ga 30223

Charges: obstruction of Law Enforcement, Possession of Cocaine

Search warrant location: 222 Lexington Ave. Apt. B







Armond Allen

Of 36 Cascade Ave.

Griffin Ga 30223

Charges: Poss of Marj.

Poss of Marj WITD

Poss of Marj WITD with in 1000 ft of a School

Poss of Marj WITD with in 1000 ft of a Park

Poss of Synthetic Marijuana

Poss of Synth Marj WITD

Poss of Synth Marj WITD 1000 ft of a School

Poss of Synth Marj WITD 1000 ft of a Park

Search warrant location: 565 N 13th St.









Isaac Lavar Reid

422 Hammond Drive

Griffin, Ga 30224

Charges: Obstruction








Kiambe Redding

714 Ellis St

Griffin, Ga 3003

Charges: Obstruction of LEO

Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce, Possession of Cocaine.








Xavier Willis

1005 Slaton Avenue

Griffin, Ga 30223

Charges: Obstruction of LEO

Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce, Possession of Cocaine.


Search warrant location: 935 Ray St.







Royce Lyons

Of 935 Ray St.

Poss of Cocaine, Poss of Cocaine WITD, Poss of Cocaine WITD with in 1000 ft of a School, Sell of Cocaine.





WKEU news has been advised by Terri Colling Spalding County Voter Registrar that as of Close of Business on Friday 797 voters had cast ballots.   This will give a first week total as of Friday evening is 4002. You may cast your advance voting ballot at the Voter Registrars office on Memorial Drive next to the senior Citizens Center in the Spalding Office Complex.


The 2016 Black Cat Hunt will be held on October 27 weather permitting. The Hunt will be broadcast on AM 1450, 102.3 FM, and on our live stream. WKEU will be set up at First National Bank main branch at 318 South Hill Street in downtown Griffin.  Ted Taylor and Tony Broski will be broadcasting the event once again this year. We will have 6 Black Cats hidden in and around Griffin and Spalding County. Good luck and happy hunting from all of us at WKEU AM-FM.

pike so jimmy thomas

Sheriff Jimmy Thomas has advised WKEU news that his Deputies arrested Bill Whitley Friday afternoon after receiving a report of the individual trying to make entry into a residence on Highway 109.

He had tried to enter the front door of a residence when he was scared off by an armed homeowner.

After seeing several Face book posts in regards to Whitley, from local citizens, he was identified as the suspect. With the assistance of the Upson County Sheriff’s Office Whitley was spotted driving a Lexus, and a traffic stop was conducted in Upson County. The vehicle he was driving was determined to have been stolen from another residence  on Highway 109. The homeowner was out of town and did not know the vehicle was missing.

Investigators went to the vehicle owners residence and discovered that Whitley had also burglarized the house and had been living there as the owner was out of town.

Whitley is in the Pike County Jail charged with criminal attempt  burglary, burglary and theft by taking motor vehicle.

If you have noticed TV recently, and Movie Theaters you realize that the movie “Sully” a Clint Eastwood production is being shown Nationwide.  The movie is about Captain Chesley Sullenberger the airline pilot that had to make a force landing in the Hudson River in New York with no loss of life, when large birds near the runway were ingested into his engines on take off causing the aircraft to lose power in both engines. Tom hanks plays the part of Captain Sullenberger in the excellent movie.
The movie production also included several days shooting at the Barnstormers Grill, and Candler Field Museum.  Also museum air craft were used in several scenes.  Photos of the production and shots made at the Candler Field Museum are on display to include the exact aircraft a Sterman 1930’s trainer. 
You are invited to visit the museum and review the photos and have a first hand look at the aircraft that was in the movie..
Aircraft of the Museum have been used in several movies in the past few years.   We will be positing a interview with Ron Alexander about the movie and the historic aircraft at the museum in the next few days.




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